We have been in the Apparel industry for over 30 years working for some of the most prestigious Fashion Houses in New York.  Our experience, knowledge, and dedication has enabled us to produce clothes with superior quality, fit and construction. We offer a variety of services and products that are now available to you also.
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Most people think that fashion is a glamorous business, and to some of us it is very special in our hearts, and a way of life.  It takes a certain type of person with determination, drive, a love for clothes, and most of all creativity and talent to be successful.  Fashion like any other business, is based on dollars and cents. The design, fabric, color, texture, and accuracy for keeping up with fashion trends can make it very successful for the manufacturer.  Design, a great fit, consistency and a quality product will also determine the success of the company. The product should give the consumer a feel of satisfaction and value for the price they spent on the item.
It starts with a concept, the idea of a design, and with the creativity of the designer. They may look through magazines, shop the market, and travel to Italy, or Paris, or attend the fabric shows while studding the recent fashion trends.
In New York there are a few universities that major in fashion, which will give you the basics, then when you are out in the real world the love begins.
Sure design and sales are very important, but is a person like myself who works behind the scenes and actually makes the product what it is. The knowledge to draft and drape with accuracy, to guarantee your work and to take extreme pride in what you do makes it special.  Knowing anatomy the bodies proportions, and the balance of the garment is utmost important. You need to take into consideration the drape and characteristics of the fabric you are working on. You need to know how much ease and oversize to add to the pattern over the bodies’ measurement. This is necessary for a good fit and also to maintain the integrity of the garment and the look you are pursuing to achieve. To save time the pattern should be made with the consideration of going straight into production. All sewing operations and seam allowances should be consistent from pattern to pattern. This is important when the actual pattern is in production in the factory. When the factory is used to working   with your patterns it makes it much easier go through the production flow and process with ease. It is also very important to know your factories capabilities and to place work in a factory that has the proper machinery and finishing equipment to make your product. For instant some factories say they can make anything, but you will not achieve the same quality and look of a garment if you make a tailored garment in a factory that is used to making shirts and blouses, besides the pressing equipment is drastically different.  A lot of young people who want to go into this industry all think of being designers, but remember is people like my colleagues and myself that makes the product what it is. So if you’re thinking of taking another path in fashion in either the technical product development, or pattern making area and need help, or for someone to point you in the right direction then feel free to contact us.

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